Obama’s Fantasy Football Team Deemed Worst in League

The President is allegedly seeking an extensive trade deal with George Bush Sr., after he "mistakenly" chose not to pick Tom Brady in the initial draft.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama suffered a national embarrassment this week when his Fantasy Football was determined the worst in the Presidential Fantasy Football League, going so far as to rank behind Former Presidents, Richard Nixon’s and George H.W. Bush.

“How can he lead this country if he can’t even make a proper draft pick,” asked William Thomas, a political science professor from GWDC University.  “There has always been a correlation between a President’s ability to lead this country and his standing within the Presidential Fantasy Football League. Theodore Roosevelt, for example, won the league every year, and that was before the internet, and constant updates.”

Even those with less knowledge of the political sphere are questioning Obama’s Fantasy decisions. “Why would you ever pick your kicker that early?” asked Frank O’Toole, an auto-repair mechanic from outside of Detroit.

Former-President Bill Clinton, who is now first in the league, was quick to defend his fellow Democrat.  “Barack is trying his best.  You should cut him some slack, he got a bad number in the draft order.”

President Obama’s only comment to the press was his shock that “no one told me Peyton Manning was still on the D.L. when I picked him,” followed by a threat to shut down Yahoo! Sports unless they upgrade his team rating and kick Joe Biden out of the Fantasy League.

By J. Everett Ledeman

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