President Obama to Sing Duet with Seal On New Album

By Kenny Heidt

NEW YORK – The music artist and soon-to-be divorced Seal recently revealed on Piers Morgan that he liked President Obama’s cover of “Let’s Stay Together” so much that he got together with the President for a duet on his new album. The pair plan on making an R&B cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.”

It is not unusual for presidents or presidential candidates to try anything to appeal to the mass electorate during an election cycle. Especially in the age of American Idol, it is very important for politicians to appeal to the reality competition constituents. Former President Bill Clinton famously played his saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show and won great admiration.

The Republican candidates have not let the duet announcement go by without notice. Mitt Romney has guaranteed that he will make a guest appearance in the hit musical “The Book of Mormon” if he wins the nomination. Newt Gingrich surprised a crowd of onlookers in Florida when he whipped out his miniature flute and blew it onstage. And even Rick Santorum performed his rendition of “It’s Raining Men” at a Miami Karaoke bar.

Ron Paul is the only Republican nominee to not try and counter President Obama’s duet. A spokesperson for the Ron Paul Campaign told The Washington Fancy, “[Ron Paul] does not want to lower himself and participate in the talent portion of the election cycle. He will instead focus all of his attention on the swim suit competition.”

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  1. a concerned citizen

    It was Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” not “Let’s Get Together,” which isn’t even a thing.

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