Sarah Palin Agrees to Pose Nude

Palin is reportedly in talks with Victoria Secret supermodel Gisele Bundchen on how to look her best for the upcoming photoshoot.

WASILLA — Sarah Palin announced today that she will pose nude for the October issue of Field and Stream.

The announcement, which was posted on Palin’s Facebook page, immediately ignited a firestorm of criticism from liberals, despite being greeted with passionate support from die-hard fans of the former beauty queen and one time vice-presidential candidate.

In her Facebook posting, Palin confirmed that she will “go Mama Bare” for what will be Field and Stream’s first photo spread to feature nudity – with the possible exception of the deceptively titled 1993 “Beavers of the Northwest” issue that temporarily boosted the magazine’s circulation, until subscribers discovered that the beavers featured in the issue were the kind that eat fish and chew on trees.

Palin’s critics were quick to point out that the announcement seemed to contradict Palin’s carefully cultivated public image. Brenda Pontes of the National Organization for Women denounced Palin’s decision as “…a classic example of a woman exploiting herself. I can’t wait to buy a copy of the October issue, take it home and spend hour after hour poring over every inch of Sarah’s body as I breathlessly condemn this shameful act of self-exploitation again and again and again, until I’m completely spent – or until my girlfriend catches me.”

Speaking to reporters, Palin’s husband Todd insisted that he wouldn’t be bothered by his wife appearing nude in a national magazine.  “She’s done dumber stuff. I’ve got polaroids from our honeymoon that would make your eyes fall out of your head.”

By Will Penn

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