Outrage Sparks Over Hasbro’s Proposed “My Little Kony” Play Set

Outrage Over “My Little Kony” Toy Grows

By Kenny Heidt

PAWTUCKET, RI – Hundreds of youth protestors held signs and chanted outside of Hasbro corporate offices this past week in response to the announcement of a new toy play set called the “My Little Kony.”

According to Hasbro’s product description, the My Little Kony play set will feature a small replica of Kony, the Ugandan criminal, as well as three SEAL Team Six action figures. Children, therefore, will feel as if they’re doing their part to hunt down the mass murderer.

On the heels of the now-viral Kony2012 video, Hasbro claims that it sought to join the cause. The corporate leaders decided to bring a toy to the market that would get the indifferent youth vote to care about the Ugandan murderer.

An anonymous Hasbro spokesman told The Washington Fancy, “The internet video of Kony has motivated the young adults in this country to care. We figured, why not go after the rest of the youth vote – the 3-12 age range. No one ever goes after them.”

Protestors from the left and right have decried Hasbro’s decision to release the toy as insensitive to the victims of Kony. Hasbro maintains that the toy will not demean the victims, but rather inspire more people to become interested in the cause.

Even with all of the protests and outrage, Hasbro has already sold out pre-orders for the My Little Kony play set. Because of the high demand for the toy, Hasbro is already considering to continue its line of murderous criminals with such toys as a Bashar al-Assad Mr. Potato Head or a Pretty Pretty Princess named Ahmadinejad.

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