“Anonymous” Leaks Video of Bachmann-Palin Pillow Fight onto Internet

The Bachmann and Palin families kindly requested that The Fancy not publish any frames from the hacked video.

LOS ANGELES – Vivid Entertainment is at it again. The company that exploded onto the scene with the release of a now-infamous Kim Kardashian sextape is claiming to have acquired a leaked video depicting Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin engaging in an erotic slumber party pillow fight.

Sources have confirmed to The Washington Fancy that the video was hacked earlier this week by the geek-gang, “Anonymous,” and leaked to the website.

The teaser clip, which features a montage of chocolate fondue, lingerie, whipped-cream, and feathers is being touted by FOX News as “GOP fund-raising at its finest.” Others are less than enthused by the girl-on-girl Tea Party action.

“This is unacceptable! These women are supposed to be role models for America’s young,” cried an outraged father of two. “My fifteen-year-old daughter is not even allowed to bring boys home… and now I have to worry when her little girlfriends come to sleep over and watch Vampire Diaries!

Site statistics show that many of the viewers are conservatives aged 65 and older. One Mr. Newt Gingrich leads the pack with 527 page-views this week alone.

Even Rush Limbaugh has weighed in on the controversy via his afternoon radio program.

“Let’s face it, folks… this is the free-market system at work here. As long as that video sells and makes money, this will be great for the GOP and great for the country,” he declared,  “…and trust me, the economy isn’t the only thing these broads are stimulating…”

As of yet, neither Mrs. Bachmann nor Mrs. Palin have been available for comment on the matter.

Photo Courtesy of RosaAcosta.info

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