NBC Announces New Reality Show Next Fall: “Presidential Fear Factor”

The Obama camp is confident that the competition will remind America that Barack is "bold, adventurous, and not afraid to do what it takes to succeed."

By Sunny Yan

WASHINGTON – In their season line-up for next fall, NBC has added a spin-off of a reality TV show that aired for 6 seasons and achieved chart-topping profits around the globe.

This new entertainment venture, entitled Presidential Fear Factor, follows presidential candidates and other members of their campaign team engaging in various stunts and dares for the ultimate prize: $15,000 and the office of President of the United States.

In the previews for the show, various highlights for the first season include Mitt Romney washing dishes, driving his own car, driving with his dog in his own car, and coming into contact with a female Catholic on birth control.

Meanwhile, First Lady Michelle Obama is forced to eat a Big Mac, French fries, and a 32 oz. soda in one sitting. President Obama has to fight a wrestler by the name of Private Sector. Vice-President Joe Biden has to remain silent for more than an hour.

Presidential Fear Factor is just one of the many politically-themed reality shows that are included in next season’s fall line-up, just in time for the presidential election. They also include The Real Housewives of Romney’s Great-Great-Grandfather, White House Wife Swap, and America’s Next Top First Lady.


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